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015 - the holiday jacket

Because some things are still worth celebrating.

thank you Marc Jacobs sample sale!

For eleven months out of every year, a particular garment bag lies dormant in the back of my closet, unloved and unappreciated. That is, until a brief window opens between Thanksgiving and New Year's - there's a chill in the air, Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" blasts from every storefront, and it's finally open season on holiday jackets.

There's always something particularly fun about hyper-seasonal attire. Just like seersucker in the heat of summer or a white blazer on a tropical vacation (remember those?), the occasion provides ample cover to wear something more "out there" than you might typically think you could get away with.

So, on this year of all years, take a little risk (sartorially, of course) and add some flair to your holiday wardrobe - it's not like you have a lot else to do for excitement these days.....

Like many mainstays of modern menswear, the holiday jacket traces its roots back to 18th century British tradition. Paisley, satin, velvet, and other luxe materials were hallmarks of the dinner and smoking jackets favored by royals and aristocrats, who flaunted their status and civility with beautiful garments specifically designed for leisure. Deep, regal hues of burgundy, azure, and emerald carried connotations of wealth and matched the festive color palette of the holiday season, while shawl collars and peak lapels added to the garment's air of exclusivity and formality.

While there are few hard-and-fast rules when it comes to fashion, the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a holiday jacket is to have fun with it. It's a celebratory and frivolous garment - that's kind of the whole point. Boring be damned!

If you want to take the more traditional route, look for heavier fabrics in classic patterns and bold seasonal colors - you can always watch a couple holiday episodes of "The Crown" for inspiration.

However, you can also opt for an edgier, modern spin that's a little louder - think "Zoolander" here. Unique patterns, reflective fabrics, and out-there textures might not be traditionally "wintery", but they're sure as hell festive - plus, you can squeeze a little more mileage out of them on special occasions throughout the rest of the upcoming year (fingers crossed... c'mon Pfizer!)

Just don't go starting any gasoline fights while you're at it.

Manuel Ritz - $258 Saint Laurent - $2,990 Tom Ford - $2,919

Richard James - $1,095 Prévu - $341 John Varvatos - $1,592

Boglioli - $1,250 Missoni - $1,175 Isaia - $3,595

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