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018 - sneaker quest

Extremely fresh and earth-friendly.

I'll admit, I'm a picky guy.

Pickiness has gotten a pretty bad rap over the years, but I take it as a complement.. what's wrong with only wanting to own things that you truly enjoy wearing? I'm sure Marie Kondo would back me up here.

When it comes to wear-all-summer white sneakers, not just any pair will do - and I've tried them all, trust me. Common Projects, Vans, Nike, Saint Laurent, the whole shebang. It's more of a quest, really...

As if the gods heard my sartorial prayers, a package arrived the other week (courtesy of Loci) containing quite possibly the perfect pair of white sneakers. Or maybe they just stole my data.. either way, it worked out.

Handmade in Portugal from 100% vegan and sustainable materials, these are stylish, lightweight, and super breathable. They're also surprisingly well-constructed and offer tons of support, which is great for a geriatric 28-year-old like myself.

Throw in super-clean aesthetics and subtle detailing - I especially love the perforation pattern and the slight color contrast between the outsole and upper - and you've got a sneaker that can go from beach to bar and beyond without missing a beat. What's not to love?

Check out the full line of Loci sneakers here.


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