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010 - the leisure shoe

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Don't call it a slipper.

It happens pretty much the same time every year - as June rolls around and summer begins to hit its stride, I realize that, like any self-respecting New-Yorker, the vast majority of my wardrobe is black - throw in a borderline compulsive sweater-buying habit and it's no wonder that I always find myself ill-equipped for the warmer months...

Shoes can get especially tricky. It gets too hot for high-tops, and I know that I'll blow out at least one pair of loafers or tennis shoes by August if I wear them too hard.. plus, isn't part of the fun of summer getting to wear things that you couldn't pull off in November?

Enter Rivieras - a French leisure shoe manufacturer that "walks the line between quiet beach and busy city". Elegant, comfortable, cheap, and breathable, their Classic Canvas Slips have become an indispensable part of my summer wardrobe. They're super versatile and look just as at home on the beach as they do in a nightclub (remember those?) and are even machine-washable. With more colorways than I care to count and a super low price point ($30-80), these are a great way to inject a little European "sprezzatura" into your summer aesthetic. You might not own an ocean-front home in St. Barth, but you'll sure look the part. It'll be our secret.

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