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007 - underwear, underrated

Updated: May 14, 2020

since every day is now pants-optional...

One of the many life lessons I've learned from my dad over the years is to find things you like and stick with them. Every time my girlfriend and I hop over from Williamsburg to visit, he's taken us to the same Japanese restaurant on the corner - three years straight. He's been together with my mom since high school. The guy even has a private back-stock of his favorite running shoes just in case they're discontinued.. you get the idea.

A similar instinct kicked in as I went full Marie Kondo on my closet and was struck by the utter chaos that was my underwear drawer - a haphazard assortment of brands, colors, & fits, half of which I realized I subconsciously avoided wearing. Same deal in the sock department. So I got to thinking - when it comes to the things I wear absolutely every single day (save the occasional beach vacation / nudist colony visit), wouldn't it make sense to find things I really like and stick with them?.. I thought so. Turns out you can do some good for the planet while you're at it. And they say we're doomed to become our parents...

Boxers: CDLP

how did those get up there?

You might have already come across distinctive hard-flash ads from Swedish startup CDLP, which has been making waves after recently securing a $5 million investment from Matchesfashion (England's answer to Net-A-Porter). CDLP's hallmark is Lyocell, an "extremely breathable cellulose fabric; naturally anti-bacterial, (that) wicks moisture away from the body, while maintaining both its shape and color, wash after wash". In layman's terms, it feels like silk but functions like a compression short - and I'm absolutely here for it.

party-friendly apparel.

A lot of thought clearly goes into CDLP's design process, and I think they've really nailed it. Their boxer trunks (my preferred style) are wildly comfortable, lightweight, low-profile, and supportive without being noticeably tight - they look and feel expensive, and keep their stretch and shape remarkably well after being washed.

Manufactured by a 'third-generation, family-owned fábrica in Portugal", a pair will set you back $20-$28 (depending on how many you order) - in my opinion, well worth the cost. Throw in an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process far superior to that of cotton alternatives, and you've got a winner!

Socks: TABIO

neon socks = coolest guy at Equinox.

Founded in 1968 by 15-year old Naomasa Ochi, Tabio has become Japan's premier sockmaker. Now helmed by Mr. Ochi's son, Katsuhiro, the company sells upwards of 30 million pairs of socks per year in 270 retail stores across Japan and has recently been making a big push into Western markets, opening flagships in Paris and London with a New York outpost soon underway.

Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship, Tabio makes a range of socks for both men and women in a wide variety of colors and styles - I've tried out their dress, athletic, and no-shown socks, and have been equally impressed by all three. They look, feel, and hold their shape better than anything I've worn before, even after months of hard wear.

bonus points for color coordination!

In true Japanese fashion, Tabio's attention to detail is unmatched. Small design touches - such as grip points along the bottom of their athletic socks that improve stability when making quick movements - speak to this form-fits-function mentality. There's even a word in Japanese, "zetsumyo", that describes the craftsman's ability to understand subtle details. Tabio is also committed to promoting sustainable manufacturing by donating their fabric scraps to arts & crafts programs in schools and nursing homes all over Japan - good stuff!

Depending on the model, prices from about $15 to $40 per pair - you can also get 15% off new orders on their website. Coupled with free US shipping, it's a great deal - once you try a pair, I can promise that you won't want to go back to Hanes without a fight.

*note: this post is not sponsored by either company.

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