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005 - the tracksuit

Updated: May 13, 2020

Might as well look good while you sit at home...

A Sign of Defeat No More!

Formerly reserved for Tony Soprano and Eastern European hitmen, tracksuits are coming back in a big way. Modern variants are slim, crisp, and comfortable without sacrificing style points.

Try parting out tops and bottoms with other outfits [for example, track pants with a crewneck sweater or a collared shirt with a track jacket] for an office-appropriate athletic look - or, rock the whole ensemble together and be the best-dressed guy in the deli on Sunday morning.

Boast - $140 Adidas - $89

Todd Snyder - $109 (on sale) Bandier - $180 (on sale)

Eleventy - $525 Cotton Citizen - $225

Stone Island - $410                                             Aime Leon Dore - $185

Celine - $815 Hugo Boss - $85

Balenciaga: $1,190 Armani Exchange - $120

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