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004 - the weekender

Updated: May 13, 2020

Nothing like a good old-fashioned quarantine to make you dream of a weekend getaway...

Duffle Bag Boy

Much like a nice pair of dress shoes, a great weekend bag is an investment worthy of your hard-earned dollars that will pay dividends for years to come. It's a subtle flex that instantly ups your cool factor when heading to the gym or catching the LIRR out East on a summer weekend.

Some things to consider when looking at new weekend bag are size, material, and intended use. Smaller canvas duffles - like Brouk & Co's cream offering below - are perfect for the beach and gym (i.e. machine washable), but will get destroyed if checked on a flight. Nylon and rubberized materials are more durable, but won't age as gracefully as a quality leather option - I've abused the hell out of my Louis Vuitton duffle for the past 10+ years and it still looks brand-new.

While we're all familiar with high-fashion offerings from brands like LV and Gucci, there are a ton of fantastic options available at virtually every price point that put great luggage within reach for guys (and girls) everywhere.

Brouk & Co. - $70 Barbour - $150

Ally Capellino - $176 (on sale) Saturdays NYC - $215

WANT - $425 Moncler - $645

Etro - $1260 Serapian - $1288 (on sale)

Tom Ford - $1794 (on sale) Saint Laurent - $2295

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